En rose så jeg skyde

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Stig Rossen has if any contributed to secure the Christmas mood when the Christmas season is near. 15 years with all booked up concerts around in Denmark so far.


And now here is his third Christmas album, this time featuring a DVD recorded in DR-byen (national TV-broadcasting station in DK) with his permanent orchestra and choir. Additionally the gospelchoir Unity contributes on three songs. An evocative collection of Stigs favorite Christmas  songs from 15 years of performing.


Also listen to 5 songs, not previously recorded, among others the incredible beatiful "AVE MARIA", Stigs interpretation of the Bing Crosby classic "White Christmas" and the inimitable "Joy To the World"


En rose så jeg skyde - 2010


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1. Det kimer nu til julefest





2. Nu tændes tusind julelys





3. Mary's Boy Child




4. Du løfter mig




5. A Winter's Tale




6. Jule-medley




7. En rose så jeg skyde




8. Børn og voksne i kærlig krans




9. White Christmas



10. Glade jul  


11. Ave Maria  



12. Den lille by hed Bethlehem



13. En stjerne skinner i nat



14. I krybben i stalden




15. Når du ser et stjerneskud



16. Winter Wonderland




17. O Holy Night




18. Please Come Home For X-mas




19. Joy To The World






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