Letters of love

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(1997) Stig Rossen's first pop album since his very first cd ...
A very exciting collaboration with the jazz pianist Niels Lan Doky who has produced a genuine pop-smash. Enjoy for instance Stig Rossen's version of As in a duet with Dee Dee Bridgewater plus one of his own songs When You’re Running Out Of Love.


Letter of love - 1997


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Stig's comments:


1. There Will Always Be A Place (Curtis Stigers, W. Nile & F. Lee)
2. Miracle (T. Salisbury, P. Asten & J. Forsyth)
3. Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow (Vonda Shepard & James Newton Howard)
4. After The Rain (Amy Sky)
5. We Can Find A Way Together (Jørgen Thorup/Curtis Stigers & Maggie Ryder)
6. Private Emotion (Rob Hyman & Eric Bazilian)
7. The Night Just Walked In (Daniel O'Brian/Tina Harris)
8. When You're Running Out Of Love (Stig Rossen & Winston Sela)
9. Only The Heart Knows (Winston Sela & Marsha Melamet)
10. As (Duet w. Dee Dee Bridgewater) (Stevie Wonder)
11. She's Out Of My Life (Tom Bahler)
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