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(2002) If you like to hear Stig Rossen sing musical then this cd is a must! Experience Stig Rossen in top form with 15 of the best songs from modern musicals ....
Nobody sings “Gethsemane” better. Hear also what has happened to Stig Rossen's signature song “This Is The Moment” over the years.

  Love changes everything - 2002


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1. This Is The Moment  
2. Being Alive  
3. Bui-doi  
4. Why God Why?  
5. The Last Night Of The World  
6. Gethsemane
7. Pity The Child  
8. Love Changes Everything  
9. Light At The End Of The Tunnel  
10. Empty Chairs At Empty Tables  
11. Stars
12. The Music Of The Night  
13. All I Ask Of You  
14. Somewhere  
15. Send In The Clowns  


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