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10 amazing songs. Including "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables and "Anthem" from Chess.


This album is unlike the first recorded in english, hoping later to publish it in England.


Two danish song are translated for this album: One is "Hymn to youth" . This is a translation from "hymne til ungdommen" (better known as "Kringsatt av Fiender"). Second is the danish song to the musical Tordenskiold "I shall find my way" (Jeg vil finde vej). The latter english lyric is written by Herbert Kretzmer, who also wrote the english lyrics to the musical Les Miserables.


The impossible Dream - 1993

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Stig Rossen & Sønderjyllands Symfoniorkester
Conductor: David Firman

Produced for Pineapple Recordc by
Helge Engelbrecht, Wolfgang Käfer and David Firman.
Recorded at „Musikhuset“, Sønderborg, Denmark by Hans Nielsen and mixed at Focus Recordings, Copenhagen, Denmark by Hans Nielsen, Wolfgang Käfer and Helge Engelbrecht
June/ July 1991

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