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Yet another beatiful CD, where Stig Rossen has entered the more rythmic and popular universe.... Produced by Oli Poulsen, who has made Stig sound like never before. Listen the eminently interpretation of Roger Whittagers "The Last Farewell" and the immortal classic "Only Love" featuring guest performance from Nana Mouscouri.

  Stories - 2000


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1. Longer  
2. The Lady In Red  
3. Just When I Needed You Most
4. Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart  
5. How Can You Mend A Broken Heart  
6. From A Distance  
7. She's Always A Woman  
8. Hear Me In The Harmony  
9. Only Love  
10. You're My World  
11. The Last Farewell  
12. Ending Of A Song
13. At This Moment


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