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Stig Rossen maybe grandest concert ever. Enjoy 22 phenomenal songs from Rossens giant repetoire or experience the whole concert from DVD.

This concert was recorded for Stig Rossens great promotion in USA and demonstrates that he masters many different genres, ranging from grand imposing musicals songs to pop, funk and gospel - even one of Stig Rossens own songs featuring himself at the piano. The Concert is in english, but there is a wonderful commentary track in danish, where Stig Rossen tells for over two hours of the experience with this recording.

  This is the moment - 2004


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1. This Is The Moment  
2. Ordinary Miracles  
3. Pity The Child  
4. Gethsemane  
5. Change The World  
6. Come What May  
7. You're The Inspiration  
8. Vincent (Don MacLean)  
9.Sweet Nothin's  
10. The Music of the Night  
11. I Wish  
CD 2    
1. The Last Farewell  
2. At This Moment  
3. The Lady In Red  
4. I'll Never Fall In Love Again  
5. Nostalgia  
6. Love Oh Love  
7. Bring Him Home  
8. I Feel Pretty  
9. Anthem  
10. The Rose  
11. Light At The End Of The Tunnel  



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