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USA Report from Stig – 3.November 2005


As promised, here is a brief account of my first North-American Tour.

I left for Toronto on the 27th September for the purpose of beginning the first of (hopefully) many promotion concerts in Canada and USA. I was accompanied by an orchestra of six conducted by Bob Ricketts. We were received with enormous enthusiasm everywhere and opening night in Toronto was a huge success!

We then left for Detroit, where we did two concerts, both tremendously successful. Particularly the concert at Macomb Center for the Performing Arts was an experience way beyond the usual. This was the concert the newspaper BT had elected to review, and though you might be tempted into thinking that we wrote the review ourselves, this night was exactly as magical, as the journalist from BT described. The 1250 persons in the audience were euphoric, to put it mildly! I have never before experienced a spontaneous standing ovation in the middle of a concert. After performing “Bring Him Home”, everyone in the audience rose and applauded for 2-3 minutes, only then could I proceed with the rest of the programme. This of course made me both happy and proud, and it also told me, that the American people approve of my method of performance. This is a wonderful experience to draw upon when we proceed with the long haul of winning over all 52 states and Canada, one by one!

Around New Year I will return to the States, where I will appear as guest performer in three huge concerts, as part of a concert-tour called “Salute to Vienna”. These concerts have run for 7 years and are hugely successful, and it is a great honour – as well as a tremendous chance for an even better exposure value - to be asked.

I will be singing two songs, “Dein Ist Mein Ganzes Herz” and “Bring Him Home” accompanied by a symphony orchestra from Vienna. The final concert dates will be added to my calendar on the homepage as soon as I receive them, but it will be close to New Year and the concert cities are Charlotte, Baltimore and Chicago.

The promoter who arranges these concerts – and who incidentally attended the concert in Toronto with great enthusiasm – has suggested that I do 12 concerts over there next year.

So, the project got off at a good start and we are progressing favourably.

I thank you for your interest. I will keep you updated regularly on “The American Dream” project.

Very best wishes

Stig Rossen 


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