En rose så jeg skyde (2010)

Beautiful christmas songs

Stig Rossen has if any contributed to secure the Christmas mood when the Christmas season is near. 15 years with all booked up concerts around in Denmark so far.

And now here is his third Christmas album, this time featuring a DVD recorded in DR-byen (national TV-broadcasting station in DK) with his permanent orchestra and choir. Additionally the gospelchoir Unity contributes on three songs. An evocative collection of Stigs favorite Christmas songs from 15 years of performing.

Also listen to 5 songs, not previously recorded, among others the incredible beatiful "AVE MARIA", Stigs interpretation of the Bing Crosby classic "White Christmas" and the inimitable "Joy To the World"

CD Cover - Stig Rossen En rose så jeg skyde fra 2010

En rose så jeg skyde | Stig Rossen 2010

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Audio clips

The audio clips on this page are available with permission from KODA and NCB. 


Keyboard 1 og kapelmester - Thomas Jaque
Keyboard 2 - Lars Nielsen
Fløjte og sax - Flemming Lund
Guitar - Per Gade
Bas - Kalle Magnusson
Trommer - Tom Jensen

Sopran - Trine Dansgaard
Alt - Sanne Graulund
Tenor - Jorn Lendorph
Bas - Mads Enggaard

Gospelkoret Unity under ledelse af Stig Möglich Rasmussen medvirker på Ave Maria, Den lille by hed Bethlehem og Joy To The World

Arrangementer - Lasse Beijbom
Lydproduktion og mix - Henrik Nilsson/DR Musik
Vokalmix - Charlie J, Lundgaard Studios
Mastering - Jan Eliasson, Audioplanet

Per Gade spiller Ibanez guitarer

John Christoffersen, NSPRODUCTION
Egeskov Slot

Fotografer - Andrew Pellett, Philippe Hesselmann, Mike de Voss, Theis Mortensen, Rasmus Skarving

Assistent - Ulrik Kjær Gervig
Lydteknik - Michael Engmann, Gustav Feldmann

Stig Rossens hår og makeup
Dennis Knudsen (koncerten)
Dorte Dahl (sangoplæg og interview)

Interview med Stig Rossen - Florian Fastina
Dekoration - Mette Rønfeldt Bagger, Tine Rovsing, Susanne Keller Petersen
Scenemester - Donny Raagaard
Lysdesign - Hans Sander
CCU - Kenneth Pedersen
Teko - Jonas Israelson
Online - Mads Feldberg
Klip - Kim Rasmussen
Grafik - Robert Kjettrup
Musikproducer - Henrik Nilsson
Produktionsleder - Susan Larsen
DR Musik redaktør - Søren Therkelsen
Producerassistent - Charlotte Kornberg
Producer - Jan Berg
Projektchef - Jens Villebro, STV Mayday A/S

No More Jacks

– mod nye tider

Four Jacks stopped performing in 1964. New artists took over and created amazing songs and beloved evergreens to be. Stig Rossen, Jesper Lohmann, Jesper Asholt and Keld Heick.

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No more Jacks

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