Sange til hende (2007)

14 new interpretations

An exciting cd where Stig Rossen is interpreting 14 brand new songs in danish . A loving view at the modern relationship written by two women. A lovely palette of many different styles all about men, women and love. And the equilibristic Rossen is handling the different genres with wonderful energy and enthusiasm. Can also be enjoyed by men...

CD Cover - Stig Rossen Sange til hende fra 2007

Sange til hende | Stig Rossen 2007

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Audio clips

The audio clips on this page are available with permission from KODA and NCB. 


Tekster – Pernille Plaetner
Musik – Pia Scharling

Vokal – Stig Rossen
Guitar – Troels Skovgaard
Keyboards – Lars Nielsen
Bas – Jon Bruland
Trommer – Esben Duus
(martin Rimi På "tango Raseri")
Trompet – Peter Kehl
Trombone – Ola Åkermann
Saxofon – Stig Naur
Bastrombone & Tuba – Jakob Munck
Blæserarrangementer – Peter Kehl
Percussion – Jacob Andersen
Programmering – Mikkel Benn
Backing Vokaler – Helle Henning, Katrine Dal, Christina Boelskifte, Morten Kjær, Lars Nielsen, Peter Bom & Pia Scharling

Produceret & arrangeret af: Peter Bom & Morten Kjær
Teknik – Louise Nipper, Soundscape Studio
Mix – Louise Nipper & Morten Kjær
Mastering – Jan Eliasson, Audioplanet
Layout – Morten Kjær, Thomas Cleve Og Danny Døssing Berntsen
Fotograf – Kennet Havgaard
Stylist – Camilla Hentze
Executive Producer – Stig Rossen

Tak til:
Dansk Folkeferie for hyggelige og inspirerende øve-omgivelser, Ivan Pedersen for ideer til ”Laser og pjalter”, Morten Kjær for god sparring under vokal-indspilningerne,Pernille og Pia for godt materiale – I er for lækre!

No More Jacks

– mod nye tider

Four Jacks stopped performing in 1964. New artists took over and created amazing songs and beloved evergreens to be. Stig Rossen, Jesper Lohmann, Jesper Asholt and Keld Heick.

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No more Jacks

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