Når du ser et stjerneskud (2007)

When you wish upon a star...

The second and long awaited christmas album from Stig Rossen

This, my second Christmas CD, might as well have been titled “By Request”. Through the years, since I started with the Christmas concerts in Braendkjaer Church in Kolding in 1993 – a tradition that has now grown into a country wide tour, this year comprising 28 concerts in three weeks – I have often been asked by my loyal concertgoers, usually in connection with the by now also very traditional autograph signing following the concerts: “When will this or that song be released on CD?”

So, here they are! Well, most of them at least. The whole idea behind the release of ”When You Wish upon a Star” (Når du ser et stjerneskud) was to choose the best of the songs we have done over the years, but never recorded. I am also very pleased with the fact that the nucleus of the musicians and choir singers participating on this CD, are actually the same people who have been on the Christmas tours with me for many, many years.

In my own opinion “When You Wish upon a Star” and “Christmas Candles” (Julelys) from 1998 supplement each other really well. Where “Christmas Candles” had a string of solemn Christmas songs and –hymns, “When You Wish upon a Star” pays homage to the rhythmic, contemporary, American inspired genre. As a small curiosity I decided to include “O Holy Night” on this new Christmas CD. This song was also released on the first CD, but in Danish and in a more classical version. On “When You Wish upon a Star” this number has been allowed to blossom in the best American Gospel style.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

CD Cover - Når du ser et stjerneskud 2007

Når du ser et stjerneskud  | Stig Rossen 2007

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Audio clips

The audio clips on this page are available with permission from KODA and NCB. 


Stig Rossen: Vokal

Thomas Jaque: Piano, kapelmester
Lars Nielsen: Keyboards
Per Gade: Guitars
Kalle Magnusson: Bas
Tom Jensen: Trommer

Malene Nordtorp: Sopran
Lena Brostrøm: Alt
John Lendorph: Tenor
Mads Enggaard: Bas

Flemming Lund: Fløjte
Knud Erik Nørgaard: Trompet
Thomas Kjærgaard: Trompet
Erling Kroner: Trombone
Pelle Fridell: Saxofon
Jesper Gruschy: Tenorsaxofon på Blue Christmas

Andrea Gyarfas, Ingegerd Deckert, Morten Møllen, Mihai Fagarasan, Karsten K. Bidstrup, Astrid Høier, Morten Christoffer Møller, Jon Anderskou

Producer - Tore W. Aas

Charlie Jensen & Lasse Dideriksen

Mix - Tore W. Aas, Charlie Jensen og Stig Rossen
Mastering - Jan Eliasson, Audio Planet
Artwork - Nego&Brando
Fotograf - Kennet Havgaard
Hår og make-up - Charlotte Elsted

Executive Producers
Stig Rossen & John Christoffersen

John Mogensen

– en af Danmarks mest folkekære musikere

Så længe jeg lever, Nina Kære Nina, To men’sker på en strand. Højt elskede evergreens, som Stig Rossen fortolker i ægte John Mogensen-stil. Akkompagneret af en trio, fortæller Stig Rossen sjove, frække og varme anekdoter om John Mogensen undervejs.

Se på Youtube Book
John Mogensen fortolket af Stig Rossen med trio

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