This is the moment (2004)

– the best concert ever

Stig Rossen maybe grandest concert ever. Enjoy 22 phenomenal songs from Rossens giant repetoire or experience the whole concert from DVD.

This concert was recorded for Stig Rossens great promotion in USA and demonstrates that he masters many different genres, ranging from grand imposing musicals songs to pop, funk and gospel - even one of Stig Rossens own songs featuring himself at the piano. The Concert is in english, but there is a wonderful commentary track in danish, where Stig Rossen tells for over two hours of the experience with this recording.

CD Cover - This is the moment 2004

This is the moment | Stig Rossen 2004

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Audio clips

The audio clips on this page are available with permission from KODA and NCB. 


This Is The Moment med STIG ROSSEN Live fra Tivoli
Indspillet 2. maj 2004 i Tivolis Koncertsal

Gæstesolist - Trine Gadeberg

Musikere - DR RadioUnderholdningsOrkestret sponseret af Post Danmark
Orkesterchef - Kim Bohr-Christensen
Orkester regissør - Marianne Mau

Produktionsleder - Martin Højmark
Dirigent - David Firman

Piano - Thomas Jaque
Guitar - Per Kamp
Bas - Kalle Magnusson
Trommer - Tom Jensen

Kor - Kammerkoret Camerata
Backing vokaler - The Ladies In Red:  Susanne Palsbøll, Christina Boelskifte & Pernille Dan Christensen

Producer - Lars Danielson
Mix - Lars C. Bruun
Mastering - Jan Eliassen, Tocano
Fotograf - Carsten Andersen
Cover portræt - Kennet Havgaard
Stylist - Dennis Knudsen
Cover & booklet -

Særlig tak til:
Per Brinch, Maersk
SAS Salgsafdeling Danmark
Henriette Hansen, Radisson SAS Falconer Hotel & Conference Center

You’re The Inspiration er tilegnet min søn, Lucas Alexander, som stiller alle de rigtige spørgsmål.

John Christoffersen, NSPRODUCTION
Telefon: +45 86 84 65 00


Stig & Vennerne

– en hyldest til Flemming Bamse Jørgensen

Stig og de oprindelige musikere fra Bamses Venner genopliver med kærlighed og respekt alle de kendte og elskede hits: Vimmersvej, Jeg elsker kun dig, Kongens Have og mange flere...

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Stig og vennerne

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