Love changes everything (2002)

15 of the best musical songs

If you like to hear Stig Rossen sing musical then this cd is a must! Experience Stig Rossen in top form with 15 of the best songs from modern musicals ....
Nobody sings Gethsemane better. Hear also what has happened to Stig Rossen's signature song This Is The Moment over the years.

CD Cover - Stig Rossen Love changes everything

Love changes everything | Stig Rossen 2002

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Audio clips

The audio clips on this page are available with permission from KODA and NCB. 


DR RadioUnderholdningsOrkestret dirigeret af David Firman. Gæsteoptræden af Joanna Ampil: The Last Night of The World og Susanne Elmark All I Ask Of You.

Rytmegruppe Thomas Jaque: Piano, keyboards og orgel
Per Kamp: Guitar
Kalle Magnusson: Bas
Tom Jensen: Trommer
Nigel Wright: Additional keyboards

Camerata: Kor på 1, 3, 6, 7, 8 & 9
Debbie Cameron: Backing-vokal på 9

Produceret af Nigel Wright for SMP
Tekniker: Robin Sellars
Pro-Tools: Lee McCutcheon

Indspillet i Studio 2, Radiohuset i Copenhagen af Lars Bruun og Peter Juul Christensen.
Lead vokal indspillet og mixet i Skratch Studios i London af Nigel Wright og Robin Sellars
Mastered af Jan Eliasson i Tocano i København

Executive producers: Lene Nørgaard Sadolin og Kim Bohr-Christensen
Cover design af BAS/Claus von Linstow
Foto: Brian Poulsen
Cover koordinering af Jens Hofman

No More Jacks

– mod nye tider

Four Jacks stopped performing in 1964. New artists took over and created amazing songs and beloved evergreens to be. Stig Rossen, Jesper Lohmann, Jesper Asholt and Keld Heick.

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No more Jacks

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